We're designing a range of artisan vegan cheeses with tastes and textures that will leave you wondering whether they're really vegan (don't worry, they are, even down to the cultures we use - the only thing you have to worry about is the shocking puns).

We don't only want to deliver great products - building a kinder and more sustainable world is incredibly important to us, so with every product purchased we donate 5p to planting trees and 10p to farm animal rehabilitation. For more info on this, scroll down to the 'about us' section.

We'll be rolling out our products from the end April, so keep checking the 'find us' page to see where you can find us at markets, in-store, and hopefully in our online store soon. Follow our facebook and instagram to stay up to date on our progress! (links in the menu).

About us

A food start-up based in Haringey, the idea for Honestly Tasty came about when my love for cheese came up against the decision to follow a vegan lifestyle. I (Mike) decided to jump into learning about how to make vegan cheese, reading books, taking classes, and undertaking hundreds of experiments (some successful, some less so, all taking up loads of room in the little fridge my housemate and I share. Sorry Luke, you're a champ). 

I ended up with a couple of cheeses that I enjoyed so much it made me go rogue and quit the corporate life to try and sell them, and here we are...

But Honesty Tasty is about more than just good tasting alternatives to dairy cheeses, we want to contribute to a kinder and more sustainable world.

In regards to the planet, we’re keen to avoid scientists’ terrifying predictions. If you’re here, you probably know that adopting a plant-based diet is the biggest impact you can have to reduce your environmental footprint. In-line with this value we make every effort to make our packaging biodegradable and are committed to planting trees, every product sold includes a 5p donation to our 'Honesty Tasty' grove in the Scottish highlands. Currently 4 trees planted. 

In terms of making a kinder world, we look to support those supplying our ingredients through buying fair-trade. We also want to support animals rescued from the food industry so every product sold includes a donation of 10p split between the Dean Farm Animal Trust and the Farm Animal Sanctuary

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